About us

About us

BRUALE wines are produced through a fully controlled process from harvest to Qvevri and then bottling.

The vinification process in Qvevri is the most important phase when mother nature turns grape juice into wine without any human involvement. Bruale is exceptional with inviting aromas and rich taste shaped by inimitable clay tannin, this extra-density, full-bodied wine brings you the spirit of the history and traditions of the country where it was born.

BRUALE is the dignified representative of the ancient and unique Georgian winemaking tradition – the natural wine of Qvevri.

BRUALE wines carry passion-promoting ideas to gather around

“cordial conversation culture” encourages open human relationships, where the core is sharing words, feelings, passions, and opinions to enjoy pleasant merriment and festivity within an informal, friendly atmosphere.

BRUALE is a wine with character, embracing everything genuine and sincere, rejecting everything false and Insincere.

Our Company produces two types of wine: Amber (Orange) wines: Rkatsiteli, Rkatsiteli – BIO, Kisi, and Red wines: Saperavi and Saperavi BIO.